Thursday, December 19, 2013

Put Your Hands Together - Matty Jacobson


Sometimes it's worth it to invest in a standup comedy album. Even if we haven't heard the comedian's latest set, we can still make an educated bet that Tig Notaro or Louis C.K. will offer up something worth hearing.

But what about the lesser-known comedians who haven't quite established themselves?

We know they exist. Every Kevin Hart had to start somewhere. But how do we find out who the funny up-and-comings are without having to blow a bunch of cash on a comedy album craps shoot?

Well, thanks to "Put Your Hands Together," I can listen to an entire smorgasbord of comedians and then order more of the ones I like. It really is the Chuck-o-Rama/Golden Corral/Casino Buffet of comedy.

Comedian Cameron Esposito hosts the weekly live show at the UCB Theater in L.A. She's great. Her significant other, stage manager Rhea Butcher, is equally as funny and often takes the stage with Esposito to deal out some funny. Someday I hope to go check out the show live and in person. But luckily, I can download it for free in the meantime.

Check it out. It's worth a listen. This podcast drops weekly. Listen to it here. Subscribe to it here.
Be advised: The content is pretty much explicit, no matter which episode you're listening to.

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