Thursday, December 26, 2013

Femme Fatalacast - Matty Jacobson


OK, this one should definitely come with a disclaimer. Now usually I don't do reviews of things I am personally tied to in some way. I don't have anything to do with this podcast, but I should say one of my buddies is a host, and I am Facebook friends with one of the other hosts and a producer.

So, that being said, take my review as you will. I'll try not to be biased. But... no guarantees. Sorry.

Sometimes it's fun to just sit back and listen to other people gripe. Well, a lot of podcasts do this, but it's fun when you can get one with a local flair.

Femme Fatalacast started off as just a women-oriented type of deal, but it didn't take long before the gals, Cori Hoekstra and Syd Werner, started adding sausage to the taco.

Please, forgive me for that last sentence. It has to stay, though.

While this show is eventually sent to the podcast format, your best bet for listening will be live. Unlike your regular talk shows, "Femme Fatalacast" is broadcast through, so it's commercial-free and uncensored.

Each week focuses on a new topic, from "Gnarly Sex Germs" to "Gratitude." The ladies take calls and chat with folks via Google Hangout. It's fun to get interactive with them, although I personally haven't been able to do the whole Hangout thing. However, I have written in and had my stuff read on air while I've been editing at work.

It makes for a good time.

The thing that sets "Fatalacast" apart from the others is it's way more personal. Your input is almost assured if you're willing to call/text/write/Google Hangout.

Check them out Sundays at 8:15 p.m. Mountain Time at You can also subscribe to this podcast here. Hook up with the show on Google Hangouts here. And if you're listening live, call or text during the show to 385-215-9225.

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